The offer

I would like to present to you my own image of the Angel, i.e. a sculpture made in the curing of the textile technique.
The basic materials which I use in my works are fabrics and POWERTEX – environmentally friendly hardener based on water.

POWERTEX is available in several base colors.
This is the way I achieve the base tone – the color for angelic robes.

To achieve the desired effect and emphasize the complexity of the robe clothing, the robes are covered with POWERCOLOR or COLORTRICX dyes.
Of course, I also use other decorative techniques, but it’s a trade secret of the angelic workshop.
In my sculptures I use a lot of materials and objects that are often treated as waste.
It is a form of artistic recycling, where I give the objects a new life.
I have been improving my technique and my own style for two years, i.e. from April 2015 when I created my first Angel.

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