Creative History.

My adventure with the angels started in 2015. The first work was only a pretext for further exploration and refinement.
In December 2015, the first joint exhibition of works by artists in Legnica „Because Art Is In Us” took place. Most of my work is created with the help of my husband, Adam.

From 22.01.2016 to 27.02.2016 we held our first exhibition „Sculptural Marital Fantasies” took place at the Creative Education Gallery in MOK Głogów.
Since then, we have participated in numerous trade shows and handicraft presentations. Sculptures find their customers mainly on the local market, online handicraft and social networking forums. I have a funpage on Facebook – ARTELABRZOZA, to which I cordially invite you to.

I’ve had several exhibitions and artistic presentations. „Sculpting Marital Fantasies” – exhibition of Eli and Adam Bieganski’s work in MOK Głogów – January – February 2016. „Because Art Is In Us”- a joint exhibition of craftsmen in the Benedictine Cellar in Legnica in 2015 or presentation of alternative art „Exit” MAY DAY Glogów – March 2017.

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